Meet the thirtysomething blogger

Hi! This is me. Vanesa. I’m 32 and I’m from Catalonia. I’m a journalist (I work in a local newspaper) and, since more than two years ago, a blogger in Reflexions d’una periodista, that is about blogging, social media and journalism.

vanesa gran

But I’m much more than that:

  • I am the daughter of a very strong woman and a man who fought in silence until the end to beat the cancer that took him away.
  • I am the sister of a great girl and more loving than me.
  • I am the wife of a husband  who is my best friend and supports me in whatever I decide.
  • I really want to be a mum. It’s being more difficult than we thought at the beginning, but we are going to fight until our dream comes true.

boda My father, my husband and I in our wedding day.

_MG_9138My sister, my mother and I in my wedding day.

  • I’m tough with myself, but also with others.
  • I live in a small town of 20,000 inhabitants, which for me is still a village. I love living in my area, called Ebro’s Delta, in south of Catalonia. See how wonderful it is! =P



DSC_0260My husband and his tattoo. Love this picture.

  • I love learning new things. Which course can we follow?
  • I love learning new languanges, although I’m only fluent in Catalan, Spanish and, more or less, in English. But forgive me if I make mistakes when I write in this blog. I’m still learning English. Feel free to tell me these mistakes.
  • I am a huge fan of organization and lists. I cannot leave home without my agenda.
  • I love travelling and thinking about trips (I try to take a trip once a year but in the future I hope to take more). Whenever I can, I escape. The colder the place, the better!
  • I always take as many pictures as I can and I love making albums with them.



DSC_1634Some pictures of our trip to London, last summer.

  • I love airports and making up stories about people there.
  • I think a great way to travel is reading. At least, it’s the cheapest! So I read a lot.
  • I prefer autumn and winter. I hate the heat!
  • I’m a fan of DIY, specially sewing.
  • I like cooking. My best recipes is risotto ai funghi (an Italian way of cooking rice) but I also enjoy cooking sweet things as cupcakes.
  • My favourite blogs in English (and those that had inspired me to start with this personal project) are Just a girl and her blog, Style and Shenanigans, and The Budget Mama.

Encouraged by my close American friend, Siobhan, I’ve decided to start The thirtysomething blogger. It’s going to be a blog about a girl in her thirties who is trying to be a mum and love things such as organization, travel and reading. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Do we connect?


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