Seven habits that make my life more organized

Some months ago I took Just a girl and her blog challenge. I was about  7 days to a more organized life. I thought it was an interesting challenge and it helped me to realize something very important for me. I realized how some routines or habits could make my life more organized, and, as a result, it made me feel better.

There were habits which were already part of my daily routine, others that I learnt from Abby.

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These are the habits that make my life more organized:

  • Making a to-do list. I am a listaholic as I said on my previous post. Making my to-do list is one the first things I do every morning (sometimes it is the last thing I do at night).  For me, making lists of everything is the best way to keep my life organized.
  • Having an agenda. My daily to-do list is not the only place where I write down all the things that I need to do. I’ve also an agenda. I can’t life without it. I write down appointments, as well as deadlines for my projects, etc. Thanks to this habit, I’m sure that I have a whole picture of my duties.
  • Having a good breakfast. This is something really important for me. If I’ve a good breakfast I start my day with more energy and I am able to make all the things written in my to-do list.
  • Having every think in its place.  Abby told us how important making the bed every morning was in our way to a more organized life. And she was right. Since my hubby and I moved to our flat five years ago, this is the first thing we do every morning, weekends included. But for me it is also really important to have our entire home tidied up. So we clean up the kitchen after having lunch and dinner and we tidy all the rooms every day. Having everything in its place makes my life more organized and comfortable.
  • Decluttering. We are still working on this. Accumulating too much stuff is one of the biggest enemies to lead an organized life. So, we try to get rid of clutter as soon as we realize we don’t need it.
  • Organizing your weekly menu.  I work outside my home and I have my lunch at the office. So every day I need to prepare my lunch box. If this is your case, you want a more organized life, and you want to eat healthier, try to write down your weekly menu every weekend and buying things according to it. It is going to make a difference.
  • Organizing paperwork. This is something I learnt from Abby’s challenge. We didn’t have any kind of system for paperwork. Bills, mail, medical reports, etc. were in a mess. In fact, it was something we didn’t take care of. We usually left it over our desk and when we needed some of this paperwork, we needed to search for them. We have changed that. Although we are still working on it, we have created a kind of workflow for that paperwork. And we have deccluttered a big amount of unnecessary documents.

16 thoughts on “Seven habits that make my life more organized

  1. Yes to lists! I write lists on top of lists on top of lists. One thing I am bad about though is breakfast. Once I get back home from taking my son to school I come straight to my home office and start working. I know it’s not good…I just get so wrapped up in work. I need to change that. These are all great tips!

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    • Crystal, welcome to my place and thanks for your comment. About breakfast, it is quite normal that you don’t have the habit, you need to do other important things, as take care of your son. I don’t have children, so for me the mornings are really quite, and it is easier to get a good breakfast. But I’ve to recognize that I have this habit since one year ago. Before that I didn’t take breakfast before going to work (because normally I overslept), but my nutritionist highly recommended to change that, for my health.


  2. Yes to all these things! I’m definitely a list maker and planner. I have to write everything down, and then I love being able to cross it off. And decluttering feels SO good! I also agree that tidying up throughout the day makes me feel so much better and calmer. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Amen to having lists and to de-cluttering! I have a huge white board in my office where I write my to-do lists every day/week and then just erase the things as I do them. It’s so nice to see my list shrinking and makes me feel so accomplished! De-cluttering is a big one for me too… I simply cannot concentrate in a cluttered environment 🙂


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